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13 reasons, why to choose Trustek truss factory


1) We have CE-marking

Trustek truss factory is possessing CE certificate 2358-CPR-083 issued by BM Trada. Based on this, our production is very strictly regulated with various standards. Proceeding from CE-marking, we are even more strict about our quality than required. In our production, all movements and operations are documented, from the acceptance of timber to asking feedback from customers.
This ensures your security and knowledge that we are a highly professional company with high quality and excellent work results.

2) We are a member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the largest and oldest representative organization of companies, offering various training, legal (including EU issues), external trade and customs assistance.
Thus we are always aware of the most recent information and can provide the best products and services.

3) Every truss is insured

We like security and we want to provide it not only to our customers but also to ourselves. We have ensured all our manufactured trusses for 100 000 Euros. This means, that if for any reason something happens with trusses during transport or service, insurance will cover all costs without a long dispute.

4) 3-year warranty

Proceeding from the legislation of the Republic of Estonia, a manufacturer is obliged to furnish a 2-year warranty to their products. We provide a 3-year warranty to our manufactured trusses.
We have applied even stricter quality requirements than required by CE-marking. Therefore we can provide also a longer warranty period for our customers.

5) Professional and motivated team

The entire team of Trustek truss factory is completely committed to their work. We have only gathered professionals to ensure careful work and high quality service. Our team is solely passionate about what they do, this provides motivation, builds cohesion and professionalism in working towards our goal, to satisfy our customers.

6) Designers are always available

Designers are ready for challenges, to resolve even the most complicated roof structures. To achieve the best results, we are using the best software (RoofCon/TrussCon), which has been developed for designing wooden trusses.

7) High-level communication with customers

Our standards are also high in customer service. A customer is satisfied when they receive high-quality product and professional service. We consistently inform our customers, and we are always available to provide answers to their questions.

8) Contemporary production spaces and equipment

We have 1200m² of contemporary production space, 150m² of office space and over 1000m² of outdoor space. Production premises meet all operating and fire safety requirements. For this, a relevant audit has been performed and a certificate has been issued by Riskianalüüs OÜ.
Thanks to the good environment we can provide high-quality and valuable service and production to all our customers. We can manufacture the largest trusses not only in Estonia but in the entire Baltic region. Our trusses can be a maximum of 4m tall and 22m long.
In production, we use automatic and high-level equipment, and their optimizing has enabled us to achieve superior quality.

9) High-quality materials

Timber material shall be marked with CE-marking and comply with specific strength class. We use only the C24 strength class, which is one of the best materials in the field. The moisture content of timber is lower than 22%, to prevent major deformations during drying. During the production of trusses, we use nail plates manufactured by Mitek. The plates are hot galvanized and meet all requirements, naturally possessing also CE certificate.

10) Free truss project

Some truss manufacturers require a project from a third party for submitting a price offer. Many ask also fee for drafting a project. We cannot understand, why should customer incur separate expenses to get a price offer.
To match the production project with our production, the Trustek truss factory always provides a free project. We do not ask money from the customers ordering trusses for the project, or extra fee for drafting.

11) As fast delivery as possible

In this field, the delivery time of an order is usually 1-2 months. For us, the satisfaction of customers is extremely important, and therefore we make our best effort to ensure as fast delivery as possible. However, it can be rather complicated during the top season of production. In this period the average delivery time is 1-3 weeks, but we still make the best effort to provide fast service. In a less active period, the delivery time of trusses is up to 2 weeks.

12) We offer trusses with additional materials and services

Provision of full service means offering also other materials and services needed for installation in addition to the production of trusses. Thus, you can also order from us fastening L-irons, screws, base covers for the roof, distance slats, and other materials. By ordering all necessary materials from a single place, you save time and energy.

13) Installation and handling manual

Many people have never installed trusses before. We want to prevent inconvenience, and therefore we have drafted a detailed installation and handling manual of trusses, which we deliver to each customer. The manual can also be downloaded from our website.
The special and detailed manual supports correct installation, provides you extra security and helps to solve possible arising questions.