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Customers feedback

When it comes to different truss manufacturers I can’t give a comparison, but I can give an assessment. The project we partnered with was Tilsi Orphanage family homes. Things we definitely found positive: cooperation, solving problems, sticking to the agreements and competitive price-quality ratio. In conclusion, I can say that we would like to continue cooperation in the future.

I am very pleased with the cooperation with Trustek. I have met you three times, and it always has been positive, and I’ll always recommend you to others. What could you do better? :). Keep going in the same spirit as you develop, but don’t become “proud”. Every customer is important, even if you are global.

The cooperation with you has gone very well. The big advantage is that you have your own designer who designs the trusses quickly when needed. They are also promptly delivered to the customer along with a quote. So it’s good to make changes quickly and easily when needed. We will certainly work together this year as well.

We are very pleased with the cooperation in 2016 and will be doing new things in the new year.
Thank you Trustek OÜ for smooth cooperation in 2016! Work fast and decent always!

As feedback, I am very pleased with your product and service. I couldn’t tell what could be better. We also hope for good service in the future.

Very good customer service, which is first and foremost expressed in the willingness to redesign the project as long as it meets the customer’s needs. Certainly, this is a factor in your business that makes you recommend it.

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