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Roof trusses


  1. Fast installation. The time spent on installation of roof trusses is very short, compared to the construction of classical roof structure on site. Roof trusses of average size can be installed in one day.
  2. There is often problem with storage area at construction sites. Trusses do not require storage area, as they can be lifted onto the walls directly from the truck. Trusses are well suitable for construction sites with limited storage space.
  3. No heavy equipment is needed for installation. Usually the truck transporting the trusses has also a crane for lifting the trusses one by one or by batch onto the walls.
  4. Working time of a team at the object is relatively short and 2-3 people is sufficient for installation of a classical gable roof. Fast installation and low labour costs have positive effect on the construction budget.
  5. The programme used for designing roof trusses takes account of any necessary loads: snow, wind, roof cover, thermal insulation, ceiling structure etc. Furthermore, any possible combinations of loads have been taken into account in calculations. We also take account of any necessary additional loads upon request of the customer.
  6. Trusses are manufactured separately for every roof, taking account of the peculiarities and location of the specific building. Roof trusses are not warehouse goods or a product available in a building store.
  7. Scope of use of nail-plate trusses is extremely broad. They can be used in following places: partition ceilings, gable and flat roof, greenhouses, arched and gable hangars.
  8. Timber volume of a roof designed with trusses is much lower compared to classical rafters, because truss is designed as a system of forces, where forces support and balance each other. Therefore also cross-cuts of timber can be much smaller. This ensures far better strength and lower material costs.